How long is the first assessment?

We schedule your initial assessment for 45 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your initial appointment to complete required paperwork. Follow up treatments are 30 minutes in duration.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing layers of comfortable clothing that allows us to see your body move. It is easier to assess an injury if we can see the affected area directly, so please be prepared to show us some skin! Wear shorts, a tank top, etc.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring your health care card to your first appointment. We will add your PHN to your file for future reference.

Where is the clinic?

We are located at Saanich Commonwealth Place – 4636 Elk Lake Drive.
The clinic is located on the 2nd floor in the fitness centre. View on a map »

How do I find the clinic?

The best place to access the clinic is around the side of the building to the right of the main front entrance. Enter through the side door, and either take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Please check-in at the reception desk to the fitness centre.

Where do I park?

There is usually plenty of parking at Saanich Commonwealth Place. The closest parking to our clinic is on the right side of the main entrance. Please note that when swim meets or community events are taking place, parking can be scarce. Please check the SCP website for notices on events.

How much does a treatment cost?

The initial assessment is $115 for 45 minutes and all follow up treatments are $95 per 30 minute session, $142.50 per 45 minute session and $190 per 60 minute session. Many extended health benefits will cover physiotherapy. Check the details of your plan to see what coverage you have access to.

Do you accept WorkSafe BC patients?

We do not have a contract with Worksafe BC.

Do you accept ICBC patients?

Yes, with approval from your ICBC adjuster. You will be expected to pay up front for all treatments and be responsible for obtaining reimbursement directly from ICBC.

Do you direct bill private insurance companies?

We do not currently offer direct billing. You will need to submit your receipts to your insurance company directly.

Do you offer MSP rates?

If you qualify for MSP coverage a portion of your treatment cost ($23 payable from MSP) will be mailed directly to you.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the nature of your injury, and on how committed you are to the at-home program we provide. We will recommend a treatment plan, and monitor your progress from visit to visit.

How often do I need to come for treatment?

We will determine the frequency of your treatments during your initial assessment.

Will I have to stop physical activities during treatment?

Not necessarily. Our goal is to help you get back to being you as quickly as possible. Depending on the nature of your injury, we may show you ways to modify your movements, or provide you with alternative activities until you have fully recovered.

What can I expect from treatment?

In your initial one-on-one assessment, we ask you to share a detailed history and we perform a physical examination. Based on the examination findings, we develop a treatment plan customized for you. Depending on the nature of your injury we will use a variety of treatment modalities to address your concerns

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