Injury Assessment & Treatment

Injury Assessment & Treatment

Before we begin treatment, we conduct a comprehensive 3-part injury assessment that allows us to understand how you live, how you move, and what is hindering you from optimizing your physical well-being.

Your initial injury assessment should take about 45 minutes. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows us to see the mechanics of your movement.

Subjective History Assessment

We ask you to share your detailed medical history so that we can have a holistic understanding of your past conditions that may affect your current injury. We also ask you to share information about your physical fitness, work, activities, postural habits, goals and objectives.

Physical Assessment

We conduct a series of objective tests and measurements to establish a baseline data that we refer to in order to determine progress or changes in your treatment plan. Physical tests can include muscle testing, joint and soft tissue mobility testing, movement pattern analysis, neuromuscular screening and clinically relevant and specific anatomical tests depending on your injury.


From the information gathered in your assessment, we develop a working clinical diagnosis and a treatment plan for you. We educate you about your injury and establish a progressive schedule to work with you, which may involve a series of in-office treatments and self-guided exercises.

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