Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Although your first visit to us may be to fix what’s currently broken, we see it as our responsibility to educate you about avoiding future injury through injury prevention.

Injury Prevention may include:

  • Educating you about injuries and how they can manifest
  • Helping you to enhance your sense of body awareness – how to distinguish between pain and sensation so that you can decide if and when you should seek help for an injury
  • Providing you with resources such as trusted evidence based-research articles to further educate you on injuries
  • Teaching you specific exercises to do at home in order to maintain optimal health and function
  • Offering tips to help reduce the risk of overuse injuries
  • Scheduling you for maintenance treatments to keep you on track to better health
  • Educating you about principles of ergonomics and optimal posture to help reduce persistent postural strain for those with sedentary or repetitive jobs

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