Optimized Health for Runners

Optimized Health for Runners

Runners are a very specific type of athlete. You don’t just participate in the activity of running, you claim “Runner” as part of your identity. Running can take its toll on your body, and we at UpLevel Physiotherapy are passionate about helping you maintain your performance potential for the long road ahead.

Our Running Gait Analysis allows us to evaluate, enhance and optimize your movement. We look for patterns that might result in (or have already caused) injury and make recommendations to better your capacity for speed and endurance.

Running Gait Analysis helps you to:

  • Learn about different types of running injuries and how they manifest
  • Learn new techniques for an adequate warm-up and cool down
  • Gradually increase your running intensity, frequency, and duration
  • Maintain adequate joint mobility, muscle strength, and flexibility
  • Maintain functional core muscle activity and proprioception
  • Incorporate cross training
  • Assess your footwear
  • Maximize proper running technique
  • Maintain proper hydration and nutrition

During your analysis, we look for causes of injury so that we can develop a treatment plan, which may include manual treatment, exercise prescription, and therapeutic modalities, plus offer tips on optimal nutrition and hydration for runners.

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