We are currently using a platform called Telerehabilitation to stay connected and support our patients. This allows us to use video calls to provide follow-ups, education and exercise programs. If you have any questions or to book an appointment, please email us at or and we will be happy to help guide your ongoing physiotherapy needs.

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What is telerehabilitation?

Telerehabilitation is a subdiscipline of telehealth and involves any rehabilitation delivered using telehealth technologies such as videoconferencing, sensors, chat/ text, educational portals and more. The most recognizable form of telerehabilitation is the reproduction of the one on one physiotherapy via videoconferencing, most commonly known now as “Virtual Care”.

What types of situations should physiotherapists use virtual care for?

With current technology and techniques, virtual care is most useful in situations where exercise, education, self­management instruction, and monitoring are the primary methods used to accomplish the therapeutic goals. With creativity, these forms of therapy are fairly easily adaptable to the virtual environment. For example, virtual care for orthopaedic surgical recovery through progressive ROM, strength, functional exercises, self-mobilization, and education has been shown to be shown to achieve similar outcomes to physical visits for several conditions.

What can you expect during your telerehab or video conference session?

Sessions will last 30 minutes in duration and be in the form of one on one virtual appointments. Sessions can include the following:

  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Education
  • Monitoring
  • Exercise prescription
  • Self-management strategies

What are the benefits?

  • Social distancing
  • Continuity of treatment in a time where in-person appointments are not available
  • Treatment in a safe and secure place
  • Improved access to care

What are the limitations?

  • Inability to perform in-person, hands-on assessments and treatments

Is there a cost and will my extended benefits cover telerehabilitation?

Sessions lasting 30 minutes in duration are $80 per session. Please allow 45 minutes for your initial session to familiarize yourself with the set-up and operation.

Please check with your extended benefits provider for coverage. Your sessions are performed by your licensed Physiotherapist. A receipt will be provided with your appointment details that you can send to your extended health provider.

What do I need?

  • Access to a laptop computer, tablet, or phone
  • Internet connection
  • Clear area to perform exercises
  • Headphones may be helpful

How do I book an appointment?

Email us to set up an appointment »

Before your Telehealth appointment:

  • you will receive an email shortly before your appointment with instructions including a link to connect to your therapist

Your privacy and confidentiality remain a top priority during your appointment. The platforms we are using provide peer to peer audio visual communication in most cases. This means that all the traffic flows directly between each user’s web browser and completely bypasses our servers. The traffic is also encrypted in transit and none of the data is stored anywhere. This approach ensures our online appointments are HIPAA compliant and address the major privacy concerns clinics and patients have around telehealth. your Video Conference sessions require your consent prior to the beginning of each session.


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